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21. A More Desirable Timetable (Hebrews 11:32-40)

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Our faith is not predicated on life’s circumstances, nor does our faithfulness guarantee that our earthly circumstances will improve. Peter preached Christ and got 3,000 converts; Stephen preached Christ and got 3,000 stones. Which was faithful? Jesus lived a perfect life and suffered greatly. We’re sometimes so concerned with immediate gratification that we fail to consider this fleeting life in light of eternity. If we did, we would joyfully suffer here and forsake the world’s success in order to achieve eternal rewards. God has called some of us faith-filled followers to experience a pleasant earthly life; He has called others of us to experience a painful earthly life. If that describes you, know that in God’s time you’ll inherit what one writer calls “great reward in the only world that ultimately matters.”


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