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1. Marriage

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The marriage relationship is designed to satisfy some of the most basic human relationship needs that simply cannot be met outside of marriage. When approached reverently and biblically, marriage can be one of the most joyful experiences this life can offer. Yet, we all know people who are divorced, and we are familiar with many of its consequences. Sadly, the very marriage relationship that God intended to be permanent is often prematurely terminated. Perhaps it is due to the frequency of divorce that many couples consider it a legitimate option themselves. Still, the biblical teaching on divorce has never changed. God hates divorce. Always. Every time. Divorce is never ideal. It is only with rare exception that God permits divorce.

And most divorced people get remarried. According to E. Lawson, "Fifty years ago parents were apt to have a lot of kids. Nowadays kids are apt to have a lot of parents." With our culture flooded with second and third marriages, it is important to hear God's voice on this matter so that we can make informed decisions regarding remarriage. All of us have been personally impacted by marriage, divorce, and remarriage-whether positively or negatively. During this series, we will open the Bible to learn what God thinks about marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

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