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Life Story Presentations

You will now take a break from your normal sessions to share your “Life Story” presentations. You and the others in your group have done a lot of work to get to this point. This time could prove to be very significant in your life. Each person should make sure that the entire group does all it can to take advantage of the time spent presenting life stories. Enjoy these weeks with your group, and never lose sight of the Author of your story.

Session Aims

Presenter Aim: To clearly present your life story to the group members in order to invite them into your life as an exercise of trust leading to worship of God.

Listener Aim: To listen attentively to the life story in order to enter into the presenter’s life for mutual encouragement and influence.


Pray for the presenter throughout the week.

Show up to the group meeting on time.

Be ready to present or listen.


The presentation time is serious and special for each person. You can count on the presenter being nervous about some of the content he or she will share and longing for the group’s attention. Respect the presenter by being on time and listening attentively. Ask appropriate and thoughtful questions after the person is finished with his or her presentation.


During the week following a group member’s presentation, follow up with a brief note or phone call of encouragement.

Read Session 7: Writing a Legacy.

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