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Lesson 65: Deadly Moralism (Luke 11:24-28)

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There can be such great danger in apparent goodness! Jesus made clear time and again, whether He stated it explicitly or indirectly, that He was the only Way by which people could be saved. No other set of rules, philosophies, or approaches to living will bring us into true life and out of the clutches of darkness. This is the message that Pastor Daniel drives home through a look at Luke 11:24-28. While the religion of moralism might prove effective in certain areas of life for a time, it simply leaves the door wide open for that day of testing when the flesh will once again have its victory. Moralism will ultimately bring misery, whereas the gospel will bring great blessing. He concludes through emphasizing that, while the believer in Jesus will continue to wrestle with sin, he/she, through the power of the Spirit, will strive and yearn for victory.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Soteriology (Salvation), World Religions, Worldview

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