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Lesson 63: Crisis grips Christ’ life, Christ grips His Destiny (Matthew 26:35-46)

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This message on Matthew 26 was preached by Tom Sorensen in continuation of David Anderson's Matthew series at Littleton Bible Chapel on April 13, 2014.


1. Gethsemane marks the next step in the three year drift towards the abandonment of Christ.

2. Gethsemane marks a shift in Jesus from controlling his emotions about the horror of the cross to being overwhelmed by them.

3. Gethsemane marks a shift from inner uncertainty to renewed confidence in Jesus’ destiny.

a) The futility of Jesus’ ministry without a cross
b) The promise in Scripture of the joys set before Christ Jesus

4. In what sense Jesus desired a way that avoided the cross and in what sense he knew there was no way apart from the cross.

Related Topics: Christology, Suffering, Trials, Persecution

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