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Lesson 37: A Journey with Jesus into the Glory of the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-27)

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This message on Matthew 17 was preached by Rick Carmickle in continuation of David Anderson's Matthew series at Littleton Bible Chapel on September 22, 2013.


Movement 1 - Their Journey up the Mountain (17:1).

Movement 2 - Their Time on the Mountain (17:2-8).

1. The Transfiguration of Jesus (17:2).

Observation #1: The Transfiguration Displays the...

2. A Conversation with Jesus (17:3-5).

Observation #2: The Message from God Declares the...

3. The Encouragement of Jesus (17:6-8).

Observation #3: The Encouragement of Jesus...

Observation #4: The Words of Jesus Foretell the... (16:28).

Movement 3 - Their Trip Down the Mountain (17:9-13).

Lesson #1: Disciples of Jesus learn that...

Movement 4 - Their Ministry Down Below (17:14-27)

1. The Healing of the Epileptic Son (17:14-21).

Lesson #2: Disciples of Jesus Learn that...

2. Jesus Foretells His Coming Passion (17:22-23).

Lesson #3: Disciples of Jesus learn that...

3. Jesus is the King of His Kingdom (17:24-27).

Lesson #4: Disciples of Jesus learn that...

Related Topics: Christology, Glory

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