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2. A Life Worthy (Colossians 1:9-14)

Colossians 1:9-14

Day One Study

1. Read all of chapter 1 again. Now look specifically at verses 9-14. What is Paul writing about? What is interesting to you? What questions come to your mind as you read it?

2. What ideas/words are repeated or stressed?

3. Using a dictionary, define the words “knowledge,” “wisdom” and “understanding.”

·         Knowledge—

·         Wisdom—

·         Understanding—

Summary: Apply the distinctions between the words to this passage.

Focus on the Meaning: Paul used two key words, “fill” and “knowledge.” The first suggest a filling out to completeness, and the latter suggests a full, deep understanding. Such knowledge of God’s will does not come from a fleshly mind (which “puffs up,” 1 Cor. 8:1), but from the Holy Spirit who enlightens a believer’s inner person (1 Cor. 2:5-6; 13), and from the Word of God. God’s will, revealed in the Bible, is made known to believers by the Holy Spirit’s teaching ministry. (The Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, p. 670)

4. Deeper Discoveries (optional): Paul mentions the knowledge of God’s will. Do you feel any responsibility to know God’s will and do it? How can you find out what God’s will is for you? In light of the fact we have everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3), do we also have everything we need to find out God’s will for our lives? Elaborate using Scripture to support your answer.

5. Staying Healthy: Pray for specific people you know to gain knowledge of His will for their lives. Pray for them according to Paul’s prayer in Colossians 1:9-12. Look for evidence of God working in their lives according to His Word in this passage.

Day Two Study

6. Read Colossians 1:9-14. According to Paul’s prayer for these believers, what is the evidence of a life worthy and pleasing to God? (At least 4 areas!)

7. Elaborate on each of the 4 areas. Describe what they would look like in someone’s life.

8. Staying Healthy: Look at your own life. Do you have all 4 evidences of a life worthy and pleasing to God? How do they look in your life? If you think areas in your life are not worthy, ask God to change those in you.

Focus on the Meaning: The aim of believers in all their worthy conduct should be to please Him in every way, to anticipate and do His wishes in every aspect of life (cf. Eph. 5:10). (The Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, p. 671)

9. In verse 12, Paul says, “who has qualified you….” How did God qualify us? Dig into all of Chapter 1 for this answer!! Add any other verses you already know as well.

Focus on the Meaning: “Here Paul centered thanksgiving on the fact that God has qualified you (lit. “made you competent”; cf. 2 Cor. 3:6) to share in the inheritance of the saints…though believers are unfit in themselves, God has fitted them.” (The Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, p. 671-672)

10. Deeper Discoveries (optional): Find other prayers in Paul’s letters, the words of which are helpful for us to use to pray for our loved ones today. Why is it beneficial to pray this way?

11. “Domain” in v. 13 means “tyranny/ rule.” How did we get into the “domain/dominion of darkness”? Use cross-references, a concordance, or Scriptures you have learned previously.

12. How do we get into Christ’s kingdom? What does He give us particularly at that time? Also see Romans 8:1-2 and memorize them this week!!

Historical Insight: The verb translated “transferred” (metestesen) described the relocation of large groups of people such as captured armies or colonists from one country to another. This kingdom is probably a reference to Christ’s domain as opposed to Satan’s domain of darkness…”Darkness” is also a prominent figure in biblical symbolism where it represents ignorance, falsehood, and sin. (Constables Notes on Colossians, p. 11)

13. Staying Healthy: Meditate on what it means to be transferred from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of the Son. Describe how you feel using any creative means (poem, prose, song, drawing, craft).

Jesus Christ is above all powers and authorities, in all believers, and is all we need for earth and heaven!!

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