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Lesson 16: The Authority of the Christ (Luke 4:31-44)

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We have decisions to make and opinions to form every day. The big question then becomes: What is our source of authority? Information on just about anything is more easily accessible today than it has ever been, bringing about the necessity for a standard to judge the validity of all the available data. In this message, Pastor Daniel helps us to see how Jesus’s authority over your life is all encompassing, and it makes no allowances for competing authorities. We see this from the text at hand in the following ways: 1) Christ’s authority is revealed in His word. 2) Christ’s authority is resisted by the demonic realm. 3) Christ’s authority is realized in the physical realm. 4) Christ’s authority is recognized by all. For those who might question the importance of this area of authority, it is necessary they also consider that someday each individual will stand before the authoritative Christ this text points us toward.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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