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Lesson 139: The Darkness of the Tomb (Luke 23:50-56)

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Following the crucifixion, Jesus would remain silent until the 3rd day in order to fulfill the Scriptures. But even in Jesus’s silence, God was still working out His plan through a few humble servants to make way for the glorious resurrection. A righteous member of the council and the women who had been ever faithful to the Lord, worked to quietly care for the body of the One that they had put all their hope in. But the Sabbath had to take place in the middle of that care; Jesus’s body would rest quietly as these disciples also took their rest, clueless as to what was about to take place. They didn’t know what was coming and yet they were faithful to do the things in that hour that showed their devotion. Pastor Daniel highlights this and applies it to the present day by stating, “Even in dark times, disciples continue to love. Even in the darkness of the tomb, we follow the Light.”

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

Related Topics: Discipleship, Suffering, Trials, Persecution

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