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Lesson 12: Rewards of the Call

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Questions for Group Discussion

Reflection: What aspect or lesson from last week’s study or lecture most encouraged or challenged you? Why?

God has promised to reward faithfulness. Ask the Lord this week to reveal His wisdom to you, enabling you to remain faithful within your present circumstances as you persevere toward His rewards.


Biblical faith [Gk pistis— persuasion, assurance, belief, conviction based upon hearing—this word is used 32 times in Hebrews, and 24 times in Hebrews 11] is the confident conviction of, reliance upon, and assurance in the character, work, and Word of God. Faith includes firm conviction acknowledging God’s truth, personal surrender to Him, the conduct inspired by such surrender, and pleases God.

Faith enables believers to obey God, to take risks, to face obstacles, to endure suffering within difficult circumstances and despite unknown consequences. Faith gains God’s approval and will be rewarded.

Faith obeys God,
pleases God,
and will be rewarded!

    1. Read Hebrews 11:6 and Colossians 3:23–24. What do you learn about rewards from these verses? How might your present attitude be different if you fully realized “we serve the Lord Christ”?

    2. What is your present understanding of the Christian’s rewards?

    3. Read Mark 10:28–31. What did Jesus teach in this passage regarding rewards for the one who followed Him?

    4. Reread Hebrews 11. We have seen faith demonstrated within a variety of life circumstances. List the different circumstances included in this chapter where faith was demonstrated (record your verse reference).

Which circumstance most touched you? Why?

    5. List as many rewards of faith as you can find mentioned in Hebrews 11 (record your verse reference).

Which reward is most meaningful to you today, and why?

    6. Read 1 Corinthians 3:7–15. Paul is addressing conflicts in the church stemming from comparison and competition by reminding them that it is God who causes growth.

    A. What do you learn about rewards from these verses?

    B. Whose evaluation matters?

    C. List what you learn about the quality of our service and rewards from this passage?

    D. What do you think it means to be “God’s fellow workers?”

    E. How will our works be evaluated and what will be the result?

    F. How does that encourage you and how does it challenge you?

    G. How might your present choices be affected by this understanding of rewards?

    H. What additional insights do you gain from any of the cross-references on the response and reward of faith in the Optional Studies for Personal Enrichment?

    7. What one insight or lesson do you hope to remember from your study of the rewards of faith in Hebrews 11? Write it below to share in class, and then write it on the journal page entitled “Lessons Along the Way” at the back of your study guide.

    Choose one verse from this week’s lesson to memorize. Write it here and meditate on it.

    Thank you for your faithful perseverance in completing this study of the Footsteps of Faith: Following the Call. The Lord has seen and will abundantly reward your time studying His Word and applying His principles in your life. Plan to join us in our next study and share the blessing by inviting a friend!

    Optional Studies for Personal Enrichment

    Rewards of the Call—Hebrews 11:1-40

    Utilize your word-study tools to examine the meaning of the word “faith.” List the insights you learn from the related scriptural cross-references from the epistle to the Hebrews. How do these insights enhance your understanding of the author of Hebrews’ discussion of the believer’s response of faith (within difficult circumstances and despite uncertain consequences), and the Lord’s promise to reward faith (present and future)?

Faith [Heb. 11:1]

    Heb. 4:2–3

    Heb. 6:1

    Heb. 6:12

    Heb. 10:22

    Heb. 10:23–25

    Heb. 10:38

    Heb. 11:1–2

    Heb. 11:3

    Heb. 11:6

    Heb. 11:7

    Heb. 11:13

    Heb. 11:33–34

    Heb. 11:39–40

    Heb. 12:1–2

    Heb. 13:7

    How can you demonstrate your faith within your circumstances?

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