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16. Josiah: King of Sacred Truth

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This is the sixteenth audio message for the Heroes & Villains series.


Another reform takes place under king Josiah of Judah. He inherited a wicked nation who did not know the Lord and he diligently turned them back to Yahweh worship. The primary catalyst that enabled his success, however, was not his good intentions. Rather, it was the discovery of something in the temple that had been lost for years. They found a copy of the Scriptures. Josiah made haste to read the Word of God, privately and publicly, and then he began to do what it instructed. God's Word reveals Himself, informs our worldview, provides answers, and instructs us on daily living. Like a compass, it shows us the direction of true North. And Josiah devoured its teachings. To our embarrassment, Josiah read and studied and obeyed his one copy of Scripture more than most of us do the ten copies in our homes. There is no replacement for getting into the Word of God daily, and getting the Word of God into us. Are you ashamed of your ability to handle this Book? Should you be?

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