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Issue 013. 2013 October Translator's Newsletter

Thank You!

This last month has resulted in 2 new translated articles being added to the site. We are particularly excited for our main salvation article “Finding God” to have been translated into another language (Shona). This brings to “4” the number of new languages that the gospel has entered through in the past 12 months (Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, and Shona). Thank you for your hard work this month, Wilson and Mariza!

What a blessing to be able to provide these new resources to our readers around the world. Thank you all for your ongoing translation work. See the Languages and Articles Here.

Hints and Tips

Tip: have you wondered how to improve your skills as a translator?

Rose Newell’s blog article entitled “What makes a good, successful and happy translator: PART 1” has a number of helpful pointers on improving one’s skill as a translator. While the article is written from the perspective of a professional earning a living through translation, its ideas are still quite helpful for those who volunteer. The whole article is an interesting read, but two of the “How to improve” points under the Target language section were especially pertinent:

#3. Read newspapers and journals in your target language.

#4. Read texts appropriate to your specialism in your target language.

To improve in any area we need continued interaction and exposure. So if we want to improve, then let’s keep reading!

Learn More Tips from our FAQ Section

Awarding Faithfulness

This month we had the joy of giving out one award for translation efforts. This award was to a new translator (Wilson). He received an ePub version of the NET Bible Full Notes edition. We pray that this resource is a blessing to you in your personal life and ministry.

For further Award program details see our Translators Group post.

Know someone else who is bilingual?

If you know of anyone else who would have the time and skills to translate articles for please consider recommending this ministry to them. Sometimes the most obvious gifts (like preaching or being a leader) are not the ones with the most impact or need. This is a real opportunity to meet a need and impact thousands and thousands of people with the truth of God’s Word. Click here to contact us and begin impacting thousands around the world

Need help, have questions, or prefer to meet in real time?

I am available and would love to answer any questions you might have. We do have a Frequently Asked Questions section on our Group page, but you can always send me an email! I can also be available through Skype for a voice or chat conversation. Simply let me know through email that you would like to talk and we will get it worked out.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to email us

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