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Issue 005. 2013 January Translator's Newsletter

Thank You!

We are pleased to share that we were able to post eleven new articles on the site this past month. This includes one Chinese, two Italian, and eight Portuguese articles. Thank you very much for your hard work.

·         Italian. Greg Herrick, Angelology: Angels

·         Italian. Vickie Kraft, Facing Your Feelings chapter 1, Nurturing Our Spiritual and Emotional Growth

·         Traditional Chinese. Vickie Kraft, Basics of Christian Faith chapter 5, Sin and Salvation

·         Portuguese. Bob Deffinbaugh, Let Me See Thy Glory Series, Exploring the Excellencies of God, The Power of God, The Goodness of God, The Wisdom of God, The Holiness of God, The Righteousness of God, The Wrath of God, The Love of God

This brings our current total of articles in languages other than English to 1,213! (as of 12/27/2012) What a blessing to be able to provide these resources to people around the world. Thank you for making it happen.

Hints and Tips

Tip: Have you ever wondered where or how you should put your name on a document if you would like to receive translation credit in the final posted version?

You are indeed welcome to do so at the end of the document. For example on the last line by itself put: Translated by Joe Smith Learn More Tips from our FAQ Section

Awarding Faithfulness

This month we had the joy of giving out another award for translation efforts. This time the award was for reaching both the 1 and 5 article milestone since 8 articles were turned in at one time. We pray that these resources are a blessing to you in your life and ministry.

If you have not received an award certificate and the appropriate ePub books for your past translation efforts be sure to contact us and enroll in this retroactive award program. For Award program details see our Translator’s Group post.

Your Translation

As we finish out an old year and begin a new one translations might not be your highest priority. Yet as you look forward to being intentional this year about following Christ consider how this translation ministry could be a big step in that direction. Not only do you get to meditate on the truths of God’s Word as you carefully work through your translation in a unique devotional time (if you let it be), but you also get to use your gifts and be a blessing to people around the world. This is intentional personal growth and service to others at the same time!

New to Translating for

For those of you who are new to our translation effort here are the steps for getting started:

  1. Create an account with
  2. Fill out our Volunteer form.
  3. Join our Translator's group.
  4. Pick and translate an article while following our guidelines.
  5. Contact me with questions as needed and to let me know which article you will be translating!

Need help, have questions, or prefer to meet in real time?

I am available and would love to answer any questions you might have. We do have a Frequently Asked Questions section on our Group page, but you can always send me an email! I can also be available through Skype for a voice or chat conversation. Simply let me know through email that you would like to talk and we will get it worked out.

As you begin to get involved, be sure to check out the “Introductions” post in the group. There we can begin to get to know one another as we share this ministry together.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our translator’s group!


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