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3. How to Receive Graciously (James 1:9-18)

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Jesus taught that it is better to give than to receive, but in order to give we must first receive. Each of us is a receiver, and once we’ve received something we are elevated to the status of “steward.” That is, we will each be asked how well we handled or responded to that which we receive. And each of us receives both “good” things (a gift, a raise at work, a promotion, a compliment, an ability or training, health, etc.) and “bad” things (sickness, poverty, temptations, trials, heartbreak, insults, etc.). Some of these things originate with God; others God permits as the Divine Agent. Therefore, whatever comes our way has – in one way or another – been “approved” by God. Has it ever occurred to you that you are a steward of the good and the bad that come your way? The only question is: Are you a good steward or a bad steward? Can you receive the bad with the good, and do so graciously?

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