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13. How to Pray Effectively (James 5:13-20)

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If there’s one area in which every Christian feels the need to improve, it’s his or her prayer life. I’ve never met a believer who claimed to be content with the amount of time spent in prayer. Many of us can, however, point to someone we know who seems to pray about everything. Moreover, God seems to hear them!

James’ role model for prayer was Elijah the prophet. James was so impressed with the effectiveness of Elijah’s prayer life that he sought to follow his example. Tradition tells us that James was nicknamed “camel knees” because his fervent dedication to prayer caused calluses to develop on his knees.

Yet contrary to what many believe, the Bible doesn’t encourage long prayers. Instead, the effectiveness of one’s prayers is emphasized. An effective prayer life indicates we are praying for the things God wants us to pray for. That means that our prayer life is a reflection of our relationship with God. How effective are your prayers?

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