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4. How to Change Internally (James 1:19-27)

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Ineffectual learning is always condemned in Scripture. That is, the Word of God doesn’t frown upon knowledge itself, but upon dormant, unapplied knowledge. Likewise, James is not impressed when people merely listen to a message; he is encouraged when he notices someone’s life changed by a message. That’s why James calls for applied knowledge. Any other knowledge is merely academic and unfruitful. Do you apply the knowledge you have? The measure of your spirituality does not rest in what you know alone, but in whether you apply that knowledge or not. It’s not intelligence alone, but applied intelligence. Are you guilty of unapplied knowledge of Scripture? If so, your problem isn’t an overabundance of knowledge, but a deficiency of application. James encourages us to live consistent with what we’ve learned, and he offers some tests to determine if we’re doing so.

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