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4. Hope for the Soul (Psalm 16)

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 Psalms: Nourishment for the Soul (part four)
Hope is not just wishful thinking. When our souls hope, we are leaning on the certain track record of our victorious God. Because God is on our side, we can experience daily hope even when life’s circumstances are ominous. And because God is on our side, we can enjoy hope for our future security in His eternal presence. God’s victory is best demonstrated in Jesus’ resurrection. When God became a man, two opposing forces were set on a collision course: God, who is unable to die, and death, which is unavoidable. The hours and days ticked away until finally, bloody and beaten, God in the flesh took His last breath on the cross. Death won the battle between these two opposing forces. God seemed to lose, especially after predicting that His Holy One would not be abandoned to Sheol nor undergo decay. But then came Sunday. Jesus rose victorious from the dead, now with an imperishable, immortal body. Death may have won the battle on Friday, but God won the war on Sunday. The cornerstone of our hope was set. Death was swallowed up in victory. Where, oh death, is your victory? Where, oh death, is your sting?

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