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14. Hezekiah: King of Transformation

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This is the fourteenth audio message for the Heroes & Villains series.


"We may be going in the wrong direction, but we’re making excellent time.” When you suddenly realize that you’re on the wrong road or heading in the wrong direction—you also conclude that to continue in your present course would be anything but progress. A U-turn is required. In relationships, in our careers, or in our spiritual life there exists a right bearing and many competing wrong bearings. Once we’ve recognized our wrong direction, urgency demands that we seek to transform that area of our lives. Such change of course often meets with many forms of resistance and thus will fail if we go about it in a half-hearted manner. An urgent and wholehearted effort is required to turn the ship of our lives in the right direction . . . and to keep it there. Hezekiah models this by pulling off a nearly flawless U-turn.

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