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4. Hazards of Individualism

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**These audio messages were not originally taught in the order they appear here. They have been shuffled to reflect the order that appears in the book Hazards of Being a Man. This makes it easier for readers to follow along with the audio messages. The current order of messages (and order of the chapters in the book) reflects the order the Bible presents the characters that are studied. We apologize for any confusion.

(Joshua 6-7)


1. Are you guilty of causing painful consequences for others because of your selfish objectives (like Achan)?

2. What needs to change in your life so that you recognize the consequences your actions bring on others?

Assignment to prepare for next week:

Read Judges 11. Jephthah, Israel’s ninth judge, made a foolish vow to the Lord. Consequently, his hand was committed to killing his only daughter in order to fulfill his promise.

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