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10. A Greater Treasure

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We are all involved in investments, whether we play the stock market or not. We each choose where to spend our time, where to volunteer, how involved to get in a relationship, what to purchase, and how much to give. But physical investments seem to attract our attention more often than spiritual investments. Physical investments are tangible, they yield an immediate return, they benefit us directly, and they seem to come with a greater guarantee. Spiritual investments are intangible, they yield no immediate return, they don’t carry an obvious benefit to us, and they seem more risky (there’s more mystery in our returns). Why should we invest in spiritual (heavenly) stock rather than physical (earthly) stock? Jesus answers that question in a way that should make us reconsider our every word, thought, action, and decision: Spiritual investments please God and their returns are superior and everlasting. Is your heart in earthy investments or heavenly ones?

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