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2. A Greater Purpose

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According to the Sermon on the Mount, some may see our good deeds and persecute us while others may see the same good deeds and give honor to God. Our good deeds, then, should not depend upon others' receptivity. Regardless of the response, we should be having an impact on our world that would be noticeably absent if we were removed. The motivation for our good deeds is to please our Father, but the result of our good deeds is a world divided—some to insult us and others to join us. What is not left to us as an option is an innocuous life. We are not commanded to fit in; we are not permitted to look like the world; we are not made to blend in. We are the salt and light of the world. We live before an audience of many, but we strive for the applause of One as we impact our tasteless and dark world for the King of Kings.

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