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2. Following Jesus and No Other

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We’ve all seen a leader so marvel at his own ability to lead that he despises anyone who would choose to follow another. Sometimes, our thirst for control can get out of control. A mother resents her son or daughter-in-law, who will never be good enough for her child. A coach gets angry because his star athlete quits the team, reflecting negatively on the coach. A businessman is personally offended when a client takes his business elsewhere.

God set apart John the Baptist from birth for one very lofty purpose: To point people to Jesus. At the height of his ministry, John was the hottest show in town and thousands were following him. But the day Jesus arrived on the scene saw all of that change. God’s plan was for John to bring the people, and for Jesus to steal the show. And what was John’s response to all of this? He pointed people to Jesus.

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