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Fantasy: Step 4

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We are addressing several sins that are closely linked together: Lust, pornography, fantasy, masturbation. By thinly slicing this major issue, we are hoping to provide deeper coverage of the problem and simplify the steps toward a solution. Fantasy is what happens when we take our lust into our existing relationships—and involve women we know: Friends of our wife, co-workers, neighbors. Fantasy is lingering and situational lust. Lust enters through the eyes; fantasy inhabits the mind. Lust deals with the memory; fantasy deals with the imagination. Everyone lists fantasy as one of the danger signs that leads to adultery. Between lust and adultery is the step of fantasy.

Reflection Questions:

Do you fantasize about women you know? At work? At church? In your neighborhood?

Does your desire to please the Lord exceed your desire for sexual fulfillment?

Meditation verse:

You must not desire another man’s wife, nor should you crave his house, his field, his male and female servants, his ox, his donkey, or anything else he owns.  (Deuteronomy  5:21)

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