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23. The Fall of Israel (Romans 11:11-24)

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A Christian’s posture before our great and awesome God is one of complete humility. He is, after all, solely (and “soul-ly”) responsible for our salvation. He sees us for who we really were and are. He not only paid for our every sin, but knew of them and became intimately acquainted with them on the cross. When we look into His eyes, we experience a deep sense of gratefulness and humility.


A Christian’s posture before a non-believer should look similar. Instead of lording our salvation over them, as though we somehow deserved the free gift because of some perceived merit or worthiness, we should recognize the common ground of sin and unworthiness we share. The chief difference between believers and non-believers is not inherent within, but rests with God’s grace. Because of that grace, we have the riches of abundant life and eternal hope that the non-believer longs for. Instead of operating from a position of superiority, we might leverage their jealousy of such things to our evangelistic advantage and “save some of them.”


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