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17. Faithful to the End (Joshua 24:1-33)

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The Book of Joshua is a story of faithfulness and consequences. By the time you reach the end of the book it begins to sound like a broken record: “God has been faithful to Israel, and Israel will suffer the consequences if they fail to respond in obedience.” Apparently, Joshua didn’t think the message was unworthy of repeating. Here in the last chapter of the book, the aged Joshua reflects on the proven faithfulness of the Lord once again. He then brings Israel to a crossroads and challenges them to choose their response to this faithful God. The Israelites have been recipients of the faithful service of God; now they are given the opportunity to serve Him in return. Joshua challenges all the people to wholehearted allegiance to God; a faithful God could demand nothing less. He also warns of the consequences for disobedience, and erects a stone memorial to remind them of their verbal commitment to serve the Lord. Then Joshua expires.

Joshua doubted that Israel would remain faithful to the Lord after he died—and he was right. Soon Israel began to disobey the Lord and embrace the behavior and beliefs of the world. Is there good reason to doubt that we will remain “faithful to the end”? Are we able to serve this holy and jealous God?

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