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2. Definitions from 1 John

Abide (2.6, 10, 14, 17, 24, 27-28; 3.6, 9, 14-17, 24; 4.12-16): To associate oneself intimately and openly with another, such that His characteristics become one’s own.

Light & Darkness (1.5-7; 2.8-11): The condition of accepting God’s revelation of Jesus as the Christ (light) or rejecting that revelation (darkness).

Eternal Life (1.2; 2.25; 3.15; 5.11-13, 20): The gift of immortality which God grants to one who receives the Revelation of God and accesses Him through Christ.

Fellowship (1.3-7): Access to the Father granted through Jesus Christ.

Confess (1.9; 2.23; 4.2-3, 15): To agree with God by acknowledging a truth.

Deny (2.22-23): To disagree with God by rejecting a truth.

Perfect(ed) (2.5; 4.12, 17-18): To represent or reflect clearly or completely. In 1 John, the expression is used exclusively of God’s love in, with, and through believers.

Antichrist (2.18, 22; 4.3): One who denies the Revelation of God in Christ, or fails to acknowledge Jesus as the promised Son.

Overcome (2.13-14; 4.4; 5.4-5): The position of freedom from captivity to Satan, the world, and sin brought about by the blood of Christ.

Confidence (2.28; 3.21; 4.17; 5.14): Hopeful assurance based on the certain Revelation of God.

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