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2. Confession

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When we focus on the Lord through adoration, we become much more aware of how significant the gap is between his holiness and our sin. We shouldn’t ignore this feeling of guilt with a “that’s just the way I am” excuse. On the other hand, we cannot allow our guilt to paralyze us either. The only recourse for the non-Christian when faced with his sins is to run to the cross and trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins. Incidentally, the only recourse for the Christian is to likewise run to the cross—not to find forgiveness that we’ve already received. Christians run to the cross daily to confess our sins specifically to the Lord and to find our fellowship with God restored again because of the blood of Christ. In confession, we acknowledge our sins before Him and agree with Him that we daily fall short of His holy standard. God likes to hear that we remember the sacrifice He made on our behalf. And we must never forget.


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