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3. A Christmas Parable (Parable of the Tenants)

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This is an audio sermon on the parable of the Tenants.


When the Father sent His Son to earth, He knew He was sending Him into hostile territory. In fact, God had sent many others before Jesus carrying the message of repentance. He chose to send His Son, however, in order that those who had previously rejected His messengers might take the message all the more seriously. Moreover, He chose to send His Son to be sacrificed on behalf of all of us who have rejected Him at one time or another.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son . . ." He didn't give Him into the hands of a trustworthy caregiver. He didn't give Him up for adoption by loving parents. He didn't even give Him up for a season only to have Him returned to Him unharmed. When God gave His only begotten Son, He gave Him up to be killed. That's how much God loved the world.

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