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4. The Celebration of Love (Song of Songs 3:6-11)

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God commanded Adam to find a helper among the animal kingdom before introducing Eve to him. What strange instructions for an all-knowing and loving God to give. Was He being malicious by leading Adam on a wild goose chase? I don’t think so. He was building in a felt need and creating anticipation at the same time. Like letting your child open all of the lesser gifts prior to the last big one at Christmas, God was intentionally saving the best for last for Adam. Do you realize that your spouse is a gift from God? Your wedding day was the first day you celebrated God’s gift to you—but it certainly wasn’t supposed to be the last. In fact, the vows you repeated at your wedding ceremony were promises to cherish and value God’s gift—regardless of how it might depreciate in your eyes over time. Do you daily celebrate your spouse like the gift he or she is?

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