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Appendix 4 Study Questions and Projects for The Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of the Bible


1. What is the correct understanding of "inspired" when that word is applied to the Bible?

2. What are some examples of incorrect uses of the term "inspired"?

3. How much of the Bible is inspired?

4. Are the words of the Bible themselves inspired?

5. Is any area of human life exempt from the Bible's authority?


1. Using the advertising section of your phone book, pick out five to ten churches from different denominations, and call their pastors on the phone. Ask the pastors the following questions:

a. Do you believe the Bible is verbally inspired, literally true, and without error?

b. Do you believe the historical accounts depicted in the Bible actually happened?

c. Do you believe the Bible is authoritative in all matters of faith and life?

2. Call five or more pastors from the same denomination as yours, and ask them the same questions as above.

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