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Appendix 2: Relational History Questionnaire

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Please respond to the following questions so I can prepare an assessment after our first meeting. We will discuss some of these questions while getting to know one another.

1. Define marriage. What is its purpose?


2. List ways you and your fiancé(e) are similar? List ways you are different?


3. How can these similarities and differences complement your marriage?


4. Describe your relationship, as a child, with your parents? What were they like? What did you like and dislike about their methods? Are there any things you would like to model or not model in your marriage?


5. What was your spiritual life like as a child? How has it changed since then?


6. What is your previous relationship history? How does it affect you in your present relationship?


7. What do you enjoy reading and watching on TV?


9. What was your family’s financial situation as a youth?


10. Describe briefly your education and job experience.


12. What do you do for fun?


13. Describe some things you and your fiancé(e) usually disagree over or fight over? What does a fight look like?


14. Please share how you and your fiancé(e) met and how you were led to commit to one another in marriage.


15. Share your religious experience. Are you a born again believer? What is your involvement in church?


16. When do you plan on getting married? What type of wedding do you plan on having?

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