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13. Ahaz: King of Idolatry

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This is the thirteenth audio message for the Heroes & Villains series.


Nothing bad is recorded about Jotham in 2 Chronicles. This week we look at his son, Ahaz, about whom nothing good is written. Ahaz had a problem worshiping God alone, preferring instead to follow the latest and greatest religious trends. He embraced an unfocused syncretism, which tries to simultaneously embrace many different gods—saying yes to every religion and no to none. His life teaches us that worshiping God on Sunday is completely unsatisfactory if we are worshiping something else on Monday. God does not want us to worship Him; He wants us to worship only Him. God does not want to be our Lord; He wants to be our only Lord. God does not want our devotion; He wants our complete devotion. Anything less simply won’t do. I think He’s deserved as much.

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