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9. Why We Should Celebrate Singlehood (1 Corinthians 7:25-40)

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1 Corinthians (part nine)

Is marriage preferable to a life of singlehood? Is marriage superior? Not according to the Apostle Paul. There is nothing wrong with Christians who choose to remain single. To the contrary, singlehood is better than marriage. Certainly marriage is good, but the relationship with our spouse can suffer tremendous strain when the common faith of our marriage collides with our immoral culture. Furthermore, being married divides our devotion between our spouse and our God. Only a single Christian can enjoy undivided loyalty to the Lord. If God calls you to marriage, follow His will. Marriage is good, after all. But God may call singles to serve Him apart from marriage and children. Let's help our Christian culture recognize this lofty calling and stop treating singles as second class citizens in the church.

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