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7. Submission and the life

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Submission is not a highly sought out experience. We normally don’t dream about being one of the submissive throng gathered around a high powered leader. Our dreams are much more often about the adulation of others directed toward us.  The way of Jesus is the opposite, submission is a sign of strength and spiritual power. And if we don’t become submissive people there are at least three things that will allude us. First we won’t get our needs met; therefore, we will live as needy people trying to fill the holes in our lives. All events, good or bad, will be all about us and what we need. Second, we will lack humility, therefore, God cannot bless us. Third, we will shut out others from loving us; therefore, we will live lives of isolation with an undeveloped character. These three traits are part of the high cost of non discipleship. Submission is about love and trust, it opens to door to a rich life.

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