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6. Why We Should Confess Our Sins (1 Corinthians 5:1-13)

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1 Corinthians (part six)

Chapter five of 1 Corinthians is heartbreaking. We find ourselves entering the story without any background. A man has persisted in unrepentant sin and the local church has not responded appropriately. As a measure of last resort, Paul instructs the Corinthians to remove the unrepentant man from the church. Perfection is not required for membership in God's church. But God expects each of us to respond to sin-our own and that of others-from a position of brokenness and remorse. It is when an individual responds to their sin with unrepentance, pride, or indifference that makes the difficult process of church discipline necessary. Do you make it a regular practice to confess your sins to God and claim His forgiveness and restoration?

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