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6. How to Dress for Worship

1 Timothy 2:8-10

Day One Study

1. Read 1 Timothy 2:8-10. Look up the word “holy” in a dictionary or concordance. What do you think it means to pray with “holy hands”?

Scriptural Insight: In New Testament culture, a common prayer posture was to stand with hands lifted up (Luke 24:50), possibly symbolizing the purity of life necessary for proper fellowship with God. Other prayer postures mentioned in the Bible are bowing, kneeling, and lying prostrate (face down).

2. Paul states in verse 8 that men are to pray without wrath and dissension. The Greek word dialogismos (dee-al-og-is-mos’), translated “dissension,” “disputing,” or “doubting,” means a deliberating or questioning of (possibly arguing about) what is true. Look back at the definition of hesuchios in last week’s lesson. How does dialogismos contrast with hesuchios?

3. Read Matthew 5:23-24, Matthew 6:12 and I Peter 3:7. How will our relationship with others impact our prayer and worship?

4. Adorning Yourself: Has there been a time that you had to settle unresolved issues with someone before worshipping or praying? Is there a relationship in your life that needs resolving now?

5. What is the significance of the word “likewise” (“I also want”-NIV) in verse 9? To whom is Paul comparing the women? In what setting?

6. Define the various words Paul used in verse 9 to describe how women ARE to dress.

7. How could a woman choosing to dress with modesty and propriety enhance the corporate worship experience of Christ for everyone, especially for the men also participating in worship of Christ?

8. What should NOT be the focus of a woman’s adornment?

9. Is there anything inherently wrong with braided hair? Wearing jewelry? Dressing nicely? What do “gold, pearls, and expensive clothes” represent?

10. Why do you think Paul is addressing this? Use a Bible dictionary or commentary for additional information on the culture of the time.

11. Adorning Yourself: Have these things ever caused a problem for you in worship? Explain.

Day Two Study

12. In verse 10, how does Paul instruct women to adorn themselves?

Think About It: To adorn yourself with godliness means that I adorn:

• my face with God’s joy,

• my lips with God’s truth,

• my heart with God’s grace,

• my body with God’s Holy Spirit,

• my feet in God’s righteousness,

and to use God’s Word as my dresser drawers. (Cathy Pack, Joy Bible Study participant, 2000)

13. What do you think that means?

14. Read 1 Peter 3:2-4. How does this passage compare with 1 Timothy 2:9-10?

15. Adorning Yourself: Think about a woman you have known who is “adorned with good works.” How would you describe her?

16. Adorning Yourself: What part do you have in leading a tranquil life, attractive to the nonbeliever so the gospel may be spread? How can you adorn yourself with good works?

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