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6. The Church is Witnessing (Acts 8:26-40)

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The Glorious Church (part six)

We, the Church, recognize that our God works in ways that seem mysterious to us. We acknowledge that His perspective is infinitely broader than ours. We trust that the Holy Spirit is leading us even when we’re unsure of the destination. We confess our blindness to opportunities to talk about our Savior. We confess our prejudicial eyes that incline us to conclude, based on appearances, who does and who does not need to hear the good news. We long for God’s eyes so we may see as He sees, and we welcome God’s Spirit to lead us as He wishes. We know that the Gospel is meant to be proclaimed indiscriminately, that it convicts the unsaved sinner and moralist alike, and that it eternally saves any who embrace Jesus as Lord and Christ.

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