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5. The Beginning of the Opposition and the Sermon on the Mount

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Step 19: Capernaum to Jerusalem

Spring, A.D. 28

    The Pool of Bethesda

John 5:1-47

Step 20: Jerusalem to a Wheatfield on the Way to Galilee

    Wheatfield Controversy

Matthew 12:1-8

Mark 2:23-28

Luke 6:1-5

Step 21: From a Wheatfield to a Synagogue in Galilee

    Healing of the Withered Hand

Matthew 12:9-14

Mark 3:1-6

Luke 6:6-11

Step 22: The Synagogue to the Sea of Galilee

    Withdrawal to the Seashore

Matthew 12:15-21

Mark 3:7-12

Step 23: the Sea of Galilee to a Mountain near Capernaum

Summer, A.D. 28

    Appointment of the Twelve Apostles

Mark 3:13-19

Luke 6:12-16

    Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5:1-8:1

Luke 6:17-49

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