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4. Who Feeds the Multitude? (John 6:1-14)

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In multiplying bread to feed thousands, Jesus was doing much more than satisfying their hunger pains. The miracle was meant to be more significant than a mere object lesson on sharing (the boy who contributed his lunch) or conserving (the disciples who collected leftovers). Jesus was with a group of hungry people in an uninhabited area and he provided bread in a mysterious way to meet their physical needs. On one level, he was serving as the Prophet like Moses that the people expected. On another level, the bread was meant to symbolize Jesus himself. Just as physical bread “from heaven” satisfied the physical need of the 5,000 (recollecting Moses and Israel), so Jesus himself is the bread “from heaven” that satisfies the spiritual need of every person. But to have that spiritual need met, one must believe in him.

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