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36. Education

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Hos 4:6 (KJV)

All human life is precious, but most people agree that the most precious of all are the children. They are our future. Whoever controls education controls the children and thus the future.

In most public schools and universities in the US and other western countries Evolution is simply assumed as fact. Students are indoctrinated from an early age with the idea that they are the product of chance. From there it is a short step to the conclusion that life is brief and meaningless that faith in the supernatural is naïve at best and potentially very dangerous. Evolution is mandated in most state education curricula for graduation from high school.

Descent is not tolerated among instructors. An instructor is likely to be removed from the class for openly questioning the state religion: Evolution. Schools, particularly at the college level, are supposed to be places where ideas are freely exchanged and examined. It most schools the free exchange of ideas is limited to those ideas deemed politically correct. This includes a range of topics from politically conservative ideas to traditional family values to personal morality. No topic is more politically incorrect, particularly in the science wing, than Creation. The very mention of any legitimacy to the idea of “intelligent design” is deemed heretical and is subject to censure. Evolution is the only view allowed.

Why is intelligent design forbidden in the classroom? It questions materialism. It questions Darwinism. It opens the door to the possibility that there is more to reality than what our natural senses can detect. Any idea worth having should be able to withstand scrutiny. Evolutionists do not want the object of their faith scrutinized. Christians, on the other hand, scrutinize their faith at great length only to find the application of sound reasoning only serve to support their faith. If Evolution were true, its supporters should fearlessly encourage its scrutiny. The opposite is true. When facts are countered, the debate quickly turns to outright dismissiveness, ad homonym attacks, or misdirection. The truth liberates. Lies capture and enslave. Evolution is a lie born of darkness, so it cannot withstand the light of truth.

If Evolution is such a fantastic lie, why is it so successfully fooling so many people? Ultimately it seduces with the lie that there is no God, thus no such thing as good and evil, thus we are free of boundaries. Evolution says we are free to act as we see fit without eternal consequence. These lies are the end objective, but the initial seduction is far less obvious. Evolution provides all the elements of high drama. It is an epic story covering vast time. It features an intense struggle to rise up, death and conquest, chance, and ultimate progress toward victory. Beyond the so-called facts of evolution presented in classrooms, the theory itself is often dressed in the psychological negligée of romantic philosophy. Evolution is highly compelling when presented by a true believer in love with it.

Evolution is a philosophy, not science. It is a premise predicated on antiquated assumptions that alleviate a guilty conscience while simultaneously condemning that mind to error. Scientific facts stand up for themselves without regard to Evolution or Creation theory. In the classroom, however, only those facts are presented which appear to support the dogmatic philosophy of Evolution. Facts presenting a problem are generally ignored where possible and explained away with unscientific philosophy where they cannot be so easily ignored.

Rather than objectively analyzing the meaning of facts, Evolutionists use mountains of details then smugly state that the great weight of all those details support their faith. Facts, details, and evidence are real, Evidence is not the problem. The problem is interpretation. How we interpret the data depends on our initial belief. If we believe in Evolution we interpret the data in terms of Evolution. Conflicts are discarded or left to others to overcome. Creation is also a belief. As with Evolution, Creationists approach data and analyze it from their predisposed position. Like Evolutionists, when a Creationist is confronted with a conflict, they remain faithful to their belief and often either ignore or pass along the conflict to someone else to solve. It is intellectually dishonest for either side to claim the moral high ground. It is all the more ironic for Evolutionists to dishonestly claim the moral high ground since they generally refute the notion of moral absolutes.

Ethics and morality are increasingly becoming forbidden subjects in public schools and universities. The highest ethical morality in this brave new world is tolerance, so long as it only tolerates ideas which conform to materialism. Any honest study of ethics and morality requires the question of their source. Like the question of the ultimate source of material reality, the question of the ultimate source of immaterial things like morality is also forbidden. Scripture provides answers. Its truth sets us free from bondage to half-truths and outright lies. It points to a Creator who loves us, who reveals our sin and forgives us. Through Evolution we are told we can be free because there is no God so there is no sin and no need to be forgiven. Evolution denies the Creator. It creates nothing but a prison to prevent you from seeking and finding the truth. Jesus said he was the truth (Jn 14:6). Jesus also said if we knew him we would know the Father (Jn 8:19). Jesus also said the prison of hell could not prevent the Truth from entering in and setting the captives free (Mt 16:18-19, Jn 8:32). If we want truth, we need Jesus Christ (Jn 18:38).

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