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3. We Don't Compromise Holiness (1 Peter 1:13-21)

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1 Peter: Suffering Precedes Glory (part three)

Many attempts have been made to define God's holiness. It has been variously described as His "absolute unapproachability," His "absolute overpoweringness," and His "aweful majesty." The elusive concept of God's holiness is impossible to define precisely. Definitions break down because we simply don't have the faculties to comprehend-nor the vocabulary to express-God's holiness. Still, we're instructed to be holy because God is holy. We are declared holy by the blood of Jesus, and yet we continue to approach sin with apathy, complacency, and indifference. We must do battle for our own holiness. We must value holiness over convenience. Instead of asking, "How much can I get away with?" we should be asking, "How holy do I want to be?"

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