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3. Seeking the Face of the Savior

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Discussion Questions

1. A. Read Luke 3:2-6, 15-17.   What motivated John to do this work?


    B. How is such motivation applicable in your life?


    C. What impresses you about John’s obedience?



2. A. In what way is Jesus’ baptism an example and an encouragement to you?


    B. How are all three persons of the Trinity involved in this event?



3. A. Have you ever been led by the Holy Spirit to do something you would not have

        chosen to do on your own?


    B. What was the outcome?



4. A. Is there any particular area of your life that is frequently targeted by the enemy?


    B. What specific help would you ask of Jesus for this?


    C. Have you seen any benefit that has come to you from times of struggling with




5. What is one thing you learned about Jesus from this lesson?


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