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3. Battling for the Truth

2 Timothy 1:7-18

Day One Study

1. Read 2 Timothy 1:7-18. What is the earnest counsel Paul gives Timothy in verse 8?

2. What pressures might pull at Timothy to be ashamed of the Gospel or of Paul?

3. What kept Paul from being ashamed of himself? (See v. 12 and Romans 1:16).

4. In 2 Timothy 1:9-10, Paul outlines the gospel he has received from God and entrusted to Timothy. Timothy was not to be ashamed of this gospel and was to take his share of suffering for it. What key words and phrases describe this gospel?

Focus on the Meaning: “Three times in this chapter Paul uses the word ashamed. Paul must have known that timid Timothy was especially vulnerable to the temptation of cowardice. “The terrible world would seem indescribably hard to meet without succumbing to the ‘shame’ attached to a seemingly lost and certainly hated cause (i.e. Christianity), and to a leader utterly discredited (i.e. Paul).” (Irving Jensen, study guide, p. 84)

5. To Live Faithfully: Are you ever ashamed of Christ’s name, other believers, or the gospel? When and in what ways?

6. To Live Faithfully: How can you practice the truth of verse 7 (review our study of this verse from the last lesson) to help you tell others about the gospel and to guard against being ashamed of it?

Day Two Study

7. Read 2 Timothy 1:7-18. Paul defines himself in 3 specific roles in verse 11. God appointed Paul to be a preacher or herald (kerux, “one who announces and proclaims”), an apostle (apostolos, “one who is sent”), and a teacher (didaskalos, “one who imparts knowledge and gives instruction”). How are these roles the cause of his suffering (verse 12)?

8. What motivated Paul to endure suffering as awful as imprisonment (v.12)?

Scriptural Insight: In 2 Timothy 1:12, the phrase “what I have entrusted to Him” literally means “my deposit.” What deposit of Paul’s is God supposed to guard or protect? Commentators differ on this. Some understand this to mean that, because Paul was in prison and facing death, (1) God would protect the teaching of Jesus Christ through others such as Timothy. Or, (2) that God would guard Paul’s deposit of faith in Christ until His second coming. The deposit could also be (3) the souls of those converted through Paul’s preaching. Whatever Paul meant, we are sure of his absolute conviction that God was in total control.

9. To Live Faithfully: Think of a time in your life that tested your physical or emotional endurance. What kept you going?

10. According to verse 14, what “treasure” is Timothy supposed to guard/protect? (See 1 Timothy 1:11 and Titus 1:3).

11. How can we guard/protect the Gospel today?

12. Read 2 Timothy 1:15-18. In what ways did Paul’s friends from the province of Asia react to his imprisonment?

Think About It: This was one of the saddest things in Paul’s life. In Ephesus, where he had done his greatest work, and almost turned the whole city to Christ, the false teachers had so gotten the upper hand that they were able to make capital of Paul’s arrest to turn the church against him, at the time of all times when he needed their love and sympathy. (Halley’s Bible Handbook, p.585)

13. Why do you think there was such a difference in how people responded?

14. What examples do you see of people like Onesiphorus, Phygelus and Hermogenes in today’s Christianity?

15. To Live Faithfully: Choose one missionary (someone you know or someone your church supports) and pray this week that the grace of God will sustain them. Pray also for all others who are suffering for the sake of Jesus Christ in the world.

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