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3. Abijah: King of Partial Devotion

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This is the third audio message for the Heroes & Villains series.




You pick the word. On your tombstone, what word would you like to see complete this sentence: “This believer was __________ devoted to the Lord.” Here are some options: “Fully devoted” would mean that you were sold out for Jesus Christ without compromise. “Conditionally devoted” would mean that you spoke well of the Lord during fair weather, but cursed Him during inclement weather. “Not devoted” would mean that you were simply too busy with life’s distractions and attractions to pursue your relationship with God. For most of us, I think an honest description on our tombstone would read, “Partially devoted.” That means that we had some episodes of growth in the Lord, and many times of stagnation. Pick the word you want included on your tombstone.






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