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28. The Sin of David (2 Samuel 11)

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The Book of Samuel (part twenty-eight)

King David had reached the pinnacle of success. He was reigning as king over united Israel from his palace in Jerusalem. God was giving him victory over all of the nations around him. This man after God’s own heart appeared invincible. Nothing in the text has prepared us for what happens next. In what might be classified as a gross lapse in judgment, this godly man chose lust and adultery over holiness. Instead of repenting, David’s sin begets more sin as he attempts one of the most famous cover-ups of all time. Our response to these events should be one of humility as we remember that David was nearer to the Lord than we are, and still he fell. This royal sinner would now need the mercy of God like never before. Would he find in God a heart that forgives and restores?

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