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23. Parables in the Olivet Discourse

In Matt 24:1 Jesus and the disciples are leaving the temple and Jesus tells them that the temple will be destroyed. A short time later they are sitting on the Mount of Olives and the disciples ask Jesus to tell them when all this would happen and when would He return, and what signs should they be looking for to announce His return. Jesus’ explanation is often called the Olivet Discourse. In it He explained some of the events of the tribulation and the Second Advent.

There are several parables that Jesus told during the Olivet discourse. It is crucial to understand the context of these parables or you will try to make application to the church, but these do not apply to the church. They apply to those who will be living in the tribulation and awaiting the return of Christ after the tribulation.


Tribulation and 2nd Coming

Parable of Fig Tree

When you see the signs, the 2nd Coming is soon to follow

Watchful Doorkeeper Watchful Owner

Don’t be caught off guard - watch! Watchfulness = Faith

Wise Servant

Faithfulness will be rewarded

Ten Virgins

You must have your own faith

The Talents

Faithfulness will be rewarded

Sheep and Goats

Gentiles will be judged for treatment of Israel

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