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2. Satan's Fall

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Before the Garden, before the forbidden fruit, before the bite that opened the eyes of two people and left an indelible, sinful mark on all of humanity – another fall took place. This one was invisible, silent, and sudden. God’s worship leader, “full of wisdom and perfect in beauty,” grew jealous of the attention God constantly received. His pride convinced him that he was worthy of more. Greed consumed him and then, he fell.

In heaven – as it should be and one day will be on earth – nothing is permitted to receive glory but God alone. Lucifer not only found himself declined for the position of becoming co-glorious with God, but was banished, expelled, and thrown down from God’s lofty throne room. Instead of giving way to brokenness and humility, Satan’s pride boils over in anger and bitterness and vengeance – still today.

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