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19. The Enemies of Saul (1 Samuel 28)

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The Book of Samuel (part nineteen)

Who were Saul’s enemies? He appears to have many. The Philistines were Israel’s inveterate enemies. Although David never seemed to lose against the Philistines, Saul never seemed to win. When Samuel was alive as Israel’s prophet, he and Saul were constantly at odds with one and shared frequent confrontations. Samuel always had bad news to deliver to Saul, perhaps leading Saul to regard Samuel as his enemy. Saul also had an enemy within. His unwillingness to acknowledge his sin made him his own worst enemy. Finally, Samuel’s last words to Saul hold a chilling reminder about Saul’s spiritual condition: Because Saul has continually disregarded God’s will, God Himself has become Saul’s Enemy.

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