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17. Jehoahaz: King of Helplessness

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This is the seventeenth audio message for the Heroes & Villains series


Today’s text screams out helplessness. What remains of Judah appears powerless, directionless, and leaderless. They’re watching from the sidelines as two dominate nations battle to become the sole world leader. They’re subject to nations who don’t know the Lord, their kings become pawns, and their temple becomes defiled. God sometimes engineers helplessness as one of His most effective tools. It’s designed to turn our reliance onto Him Who alone is able to overcomeour difficult situation. But helplessness is lost on those who neglect turning to Him. How do you respond when you are helpless? Do you marry your helplessness to hopelessness, or do you turn to the Lord in utter dependence against all odds and hope against hope.

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