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12. Eyewitness Testimony of Mary Magdalene (John 20:10-18)

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The Gospel of John (part twelve)

Mary Magdalene was an amazing disciple of Christ, though not for the reasons that have placed her name in history’s headlines. She was not a prostitute, as the sixth-century pope Gregory the Great suggested. She was also not Jesus’ wife, as our recent conspiracy theorists would like us to believe. But she was a follower of Jesus. She was one of many wealthy sponsors who provided financial support for Jesus and the Apostles. She was present when her Lord was crucified and she witnessed his burial. She was also one of the first to arrive at Jesus’ empty tomb on Sunday morning. And when Jesus decided to appear to someone after He rose from the dead, He chose to appear to Mary Magdalene first, commissioning her to go and tell the rest of His disciples that He was alive. Yes, Mary Magdalene was an amazing disciple of Christ.

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